What Others Say!

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Beautiful Display At Launch Party

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Annette Brown's business, A-Vision Productions. She displayed beautiful table settings and decorations appropriate for birthday celebrations, holidays and elegant dinner parties. She can tailor the décor to a theme of your choice. She also displayed samples of her invitation cards, and programs, all crafted with attention to detail. The décor was just exceptional! Just seeing all the creative displays made me want to find a reason to have a celebration! I am convinced that Annette can transform any entertaining space to a work of art!
-Bobbie D.


Beautiful And Positive

The A-Vision Productions official business launch was a beautiful and positive display of Mrs. Brown’s passion and talent for event planning and special projects. My favorite part of the launch (besides the food) was the testimonials from her family, friends, and partners who shared how much this vision means to her and how much she means to them.. They really gave me the sense that when you work with Mrs. Brown, you’ll have the best!                                                    
-LaStella M.


Launch Event Was Awesome

Your Launch event was awesome! I found it to be well planned (with attention to details) and very well executed. Everyone seemed to be amazed at the depth of your creative abilities! Wishing you much success as you continue to grow your business. Please let me know if I be of service. I will be contacting you to plan an event. In Total Support!
-Mary S.


Classy And Breathtaking

There was so much to take in.

My favorite parts were the various party vignettes such as your anniversary party and Brown's birthday party. The Thanksgiving setting captured my mind and made me think of ways that I could create memories with my family on holidays. I loved that everyone signed the tree stump and that it was also used as a table setting. The music was perfect for the event and the interior décor was classy and breathtaking. I am so humbled and honored to have been a part of the launch. The launchers were an added treat!
-Stephannie Renee


Loved My 50th Birthday Party

A-Vision Productions planned my 50th birthday party and I absolutely loved my party. Ms. Annette and her staff kept me in the loop with the planning, but I was truly surprised with the ending results.  My birthday theme was The Jacksons 5/70'sTheme.  She coordinated the Jackson 5 from amongst my family members to perform the entertainment of the Jackson Five with some of the popular tunes of the 70's.  Absolutely delightful!  The venue was at a local hotel.  The food was excellent and the decor was all of the 70's theme.  Very memorable moment.  Ms. Annette was very reasonable with the budget I needed to stay within.  Overall, I would recommend A-Vision Productions for any of my events.                                                    
-Tammy S.


My Mother's Retirement Celebration

I would like to thank you very much for making my mother’s retirement celebration so special and perfect! Everyone had a great time. Everything turned out perfect! The customized decoration touches you added were wonderful. I am very grateful for you and your teams help, guidance and patience.
Thank you so very much!
-Shawn W.


BEST PARTY EVER  (Ray’s 59th Surprise Birthday Party)

"The best party I've ever been to."  "Everything was perfect." "It was the party of the century!"

These are just a few of the comments I received about my husband's birthday party. Ms. Annette Brown, my event planner did a marvelous job. She knew every question to ask, every person to call, every detail that needed attention. Although she was involved in all aspects of the planning, she was careful to make sure the event was Ray's party. The theme, decorations and everything that took place reflected Ray's personality. It was the perfect celebration. She kept in touch, listened to what I wanted, and made suggestions. She has a gift for coordinating and staying within your budget and timeline. She is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. Perhaps that's because she really did all the work.
-Brenda S.